April - Craftsman and All Day Breakfast. . .

Hello from the road. Your humble correspondent has embarked on the All Day Breakfast Tour with my good friend Manitoba Hal. At the time of writing, we are ensconsed at the Abundant Haven in Hopkinton, MA rehearsing and getting ready for the first gig on the tour. . . .
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The first reviews of Craftsman. . .

This album is excellent for listening with full concentration and also slips easily into the background, creating a very cheerful and light ambiance. It is music that makes you feel good whether it is full blast in the car or a gentle backdrop while you work or enjoy a meal..
Kathy Parsons - Mainly Piano
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Ardern's music...reflects an "elegant simplicity" coupled with an utter lack of pretension. Ardern seems to instinctively know how to shed artifice and meaningless showmanship and allow the true goodness of a melody and a rhythm to come to the forefront.
Bill Binkelman - Binkleman's Corner, Zone Music Reporter
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Bob Ardern's classic finger picking guitar style is epic. This Canadian artist has gathered some of the best guest musicians and producers together to craft an album worthy of spending time with. Seven capos and six strings brings us twelve tracks of instrumental guitar with flavors of Jazz, roots music, Americana, Classical and a bit of Celtic to mix things up a bit.
Dana Wright - New Age Music Reviews
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Bob’s last album was a hard act to follow, but I would affirm that he has certainly outdone himself with this new release. Bob Ardern is one talented guitarist, whose music draws from a variety of sources, yet is interpreted through the filters of his own unique style and musical sensibility.
Michael Diamond - Music and Media Focus
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Wires Rosewood & Roots
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"I'm looking closely at the photo of guitarist Bob Ardern to determine whether he's got more than two hands. Judging by some of the intricate fretwork on his Wires, Rosewood & Roots CD, I can't help but wonder.
Michael Diamond - Music and Media Focus
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"The night I started to listen to Wires, Rosewood & Roots I was starting my 40 mile commute home in a blizzard. It became the perfect soundtrack to my snowy trek home. "
Kirk Bullough - Muzikreviews.com
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"Whether you listen to Wires, Rosewood & Roots actively or have it playing in the background, it creates a gentle, uplifting atmosphere that will leave you feeling good!"
Kathy Parsons - MainlyPiano.com
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"When I first saw the cover of acoustic guitarist Bob Ardern's Wires, Rosewood & Roots, I suspected I was in for a treat. The front and back cover close-up photograph of a guitar are so detailed and beautiful that I hoped and even believed that the music contained within would be up to the task of meriting such a fantastic pair of images. I was right."
Bill Binkelman - Zone Music Reporter
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